A couple of years ago I would have spent some words here convincing you that websites are essential to you as a Real Estate professional or business owner to market your business.  I think we’re past all that now, quite frankly. Unless you’ve been under a rock for at least ten years, you realize that it is absolutely imperative that you have an online presence. My challenge for you today is, how effective is your online presence?

Are you still on the sidelines? I can help you get in the game. Do you have several domains and social media site accounts already, but you are not sure how they are all supposed to work together? I can help you streamline your inbound marketing efforts into a lead-generating machine. Do you have static business websites that you dread updating because it’s so complicated? I can design a publishing work-flow that you will enjoy using.

The best place for your online content is a WordPress powered website.  WordPress, which recently won the top CMS (content management system) award, is my recommendation for your home base.  Here are five other reasons why I love WordPress.

Business Essentials

My Business Essentials package is more than just a website. I realize that it doesn’t do you or me any good really to simply have a real estate website if nobody sees it. If you’re on the sidelines with no site at all or you have bits and pieces of your online life scattered about this package is for you.  Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Domain name- I secure it or point it
  • Hosting on our HostGator server
  • WordPress installation- to your domain
  • Premium WordPress Theme activation
  • Standard WordPress plug ins-
  • Home page set up & customization
  • 4 Stock images- or buttons w text overs
  • Header customization- max 2 revisions
  • Custom Favicon- little thing in browser tab
  • Custom Avatar- little image of you
  • Twitter account w Custom Background
  • Facebook Fanpage w Custom Images
  • Active Rain profile- personalization
  • LinkedIn profile- personalization
  • Google Personal Profile
  • Email Newsletter template via Mail Chimp
  • Simple SEO tweaks for search engines
  • Personal Gmail Account-
  • Google Analytics to measure site activity
  • Google Feedburner for your blog
  • Google Local Business Center free listing
  • Google keyword analysis
  • Google Reader- organize feeds and alerts
  • Google alerts- how people are finding you
  • Twitter Searches- who’s talking about you
  • List of social sites for your business
  • List of key blogs for your business

There is more competition than ever before out there. This package will jump-start your online marketing and leap-frog over all those canned template sites that leave you wondering what to do next. Please take advantage of this offer.


Each site requires our $50 per month BootStrapper service plan to cover hosting, automatic WordPress updates, plug in updates and one hour of site or content updates. We’ll proactively help you keep things fresh with your site content and your plug ins. Monthly service plans range up to $750 for full retainer support. All other services listed are free or have a free option. Mail Chimp email services for lists over 500 start at $30 per month, under 500 is free.

The initial investment in the Business Essentials is $1000. This investment is paid upfront via check (or PayPal on request) with delivery of the above list in 2-4 weeks based on your minimal cooperation. The $50 per month starts in month 2 or 3. I challenge you to find a deal like this online. We want you in the game if you can’t tell. What you do from there is your choice.

Need help developing content? We’d love to help with that. Need coaching services or a full time content manager? We have you covered. Let’s worry about that later, for now just get The Essentials in place.  Simply fill out the form below to get your online Business Essentials package project started today.

Here are some examples of my work:

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